Twos / Threes

A “hands-on, brains-on” approach is critical to the development of young children. Two year olds at Cambridge Schools™ learn by being actively involved as they select materials and activities that interest them. The nurturing, sensitive and responsive staff guides and encourages this learning by ensuring that each child’s environment is safe and emotionally supportive.

The Cambridge Two/Three year old curriculum provides a broad array of stimulating experiences with an emphasis on consistency and routine.

Twos reach developmental milestones when they are confident and ready. These steps are taken throughout the year at Cambridge Schools.

Daily Program Includes: Art, Blocks, Classical Children’s Literature, Dramatic Play, Easel, Language, Math, Outdoor Play, Sensory Table, Science and Writing.

In addition, the Two/Three year olds experience Music & Movement, Spanish, iPad Learning and Physical Education with teaching specialists.

Tuition & Openings

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