Enrichment Classes

Enhance Your Child’s Learning Experiences at Cambridge Schools® Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes provide students with opportunities to pursue, develop and showcase personal interests and talents beyond our core curriculum. Led by experienced educators, classes offer lively, age-appropriate activities and new experiences.

Playing with Words (2’s)

Playing with Words is a program designed to provide the children in the two year old program with a developmentally and individually appropriate introduction to critical early learning literacy skills.

Phonics Adventures (3’s and Pre-K)

Phonics Adventures is an enrichment program intended to provide young children with explicit instruction and practice with critical early literacy skills. Exploring Letters and Sounds (3’s) and Reading with Word Families (Pre-K) gives children the basic knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for later literacy learning.

Math Adventures (3’s and Pre-K)

The Math Adventures program is designed to teach important mathematics concepts. It consists of a series of independent adventures, each designed to last 4 weeks. Each adventure provides focused practice and repetition to help children learn and retain Mathematics information.

Science & S.T.E.M. Adventures

Science Adventures is an exciting, hands-on program that introduces children to the scientific method as well as wonders of science in our environment. Our young scientists will experiment, build, explore, predict and problem solve in many different scientific realms.


These classes emphasize physical fitness, mental focus, respect, concentration, discipline, attitude and self-motivation all while building confidence & promoting good character through martial arts.

Spanish Lessons

Private and Small Group Spanish lessons offer opportunities for children to be immersed in practical Spanish conversation. The classes are designed to be interactive and fun to foster curiosity and exploration of the Spanish language.


Children will learn fundamental dance skills and be exposed to the fundamentals of ballet. Ballet classes introduce new vocabulary, a focus on flexibility & strength, discipline, self-confidence, creativity and friendship.

Dance/Creative Movement

Dance and Creative Movement classes provide an opportunity for children to express themselves through dance and music and stimulate the imagination. These classes create a noncompetitive, success-oriented and creative environment where children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other.


Soccer classes develop fundamental soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and trapping. In addition, general fitness and motor skills such as running, balancing and jumping are also emphasized.


Tennis lessons provide an introduction to the game of tennis. Players focus on establishing basic motions with the racquet, key athletic skills, and begin to learn how to hit back and forth through modified rally exercises.


Shooting Stars Basketball classes teach young children basketball fundamentals like dribbling and shooting while emphasizing motor skills development, all in a FUN and non-competitive environment.

Amazing Athletes

Our fun, active classes encourage kids to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills through the introduction of 10 different sports. Coaches break the fundamental of each sport down into simple steps based on each child’s age and ability. The goal is to create a fun environment that establishes lifetime connections to sports and physical activity.


The Starz Cheer classes provide students with the fundamentals of traditional cheerleading skills. Students will learn several standing cheers and floor chants created by our Starz Cheer Department. With a focus on traditional cheer motions, terminology, and memorization, cheer class also incorporates pom dance and jumps!


Children will practice concentration, self-control, control of their body and relaxation through yoga poses and breathing exercises.


Zumba® Kids classes are rockin’, high-energy dance parties packed with kid-friendly routines. We break down steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives.

Cooking Club

Through recipe exploration Cooking Club builds math skills, boosts confidence, builds attention span, encourages an adventurous palate, adds new words to children’s vocabulary and promotes literacy and encourages children to explore with their 5 senses.

Music Instruction (Guitar, Piano, Drums & Violin – Wellington Campus only)

During instrumental music instruction children are introduced to melody, rhythm and beat through familiar music and rhymes. Instrumental music instruction teaches the body and the mind work together. It can also help children learn the sounds and meanings of words.

Become the Artist/Sculpture

This hands-on program focuses on creativity as well as improving fine motor skills through modeling and 3-D art.

Each Cambridge School offers different Enrichment classes. A schedule for your child’s campus will be available at the beginning of enrollment periods.