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Caring Spaces Create Happy Faces


Cambridge Schools™ were constructed and customized with young students in mind.
Our freestanding schools were built with the highest quality materials as its standard.

OVERHANG: Covered entrance protects families during rainy season for convenient drop-off & pick-up.

SECURE ENTRANCES: Throughout building. Buzzer system at main entrance. Key access at additional entry areas.

LOFT LIBRARY: Enhances reading program, equipped with classical literature, listening centers, puppets, and over-sized BIG BOOKS. Comfortable child size furniture.

MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM: Large colored squares allow children to learn about spatial relations and their own space. 
Extra large group gathering room ideal for special events & parties.

HALLWAYS: Extra wide – to accommodate parades and 3D artwork gallery 
Wall-to-wall carpeting – cuts down on noise 
Airport quality carpet – high traffic area, hold up well

WALL FINISH: White walls – to expose dirt 
Knockdown finish & glossy paint – washable and forgiving

CLASSROOM: Tile floors – easy maintenance and cleanliness 
Area rugs – frequently cleaned easily and removed if necessary 
Hallway windows – allow viewing, creates a safe environment 
Outdoor patios – extend the classroom and make the exterior part of our daily world

CORRIDOR WINDOWS: Oversized – allow natural light throughout the school

CLOSED CIRCUIT TV: Monitoring system – allows classrooms to be watched at reception and/or in director’s office

BATHROOM FACILITIES: Centrally located in hallways with child-sized toilets and sinks, designed to create independent skills Floor to ceiling tiles – easy maintenance and cleanliness