Cambridge Schools Pre-Kindergarten children continue to build their cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills. The Pre-Kindergarten programs include Author Studies, Artist Studies, Character Education, Integrated STEM, Inventive Spelling, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science Experiments, Social Studies and Writing. These programs help the children develop the desire to learn, think, experiment and express creative ideas. Employing small group learning centers and teacher directed strategies, the curriculum is designed to emphasize each child’s unique abilities and create a lifetime of confidence for learning.

The Land Of The Letter People® Kindergarten Literacy Program uses a balanced approach as the children focus on alphabet recognition, storytelling, high frequency words, journal writing, poetry and word building. The interactive language development establishes a foundation for success that nurtures a love of reading and writing. In addition, Pre-Kindergarten children at Cambridge Schools explore additional areas of learning with iPad Education, Music, Physical Education and Spanish as they work with teaching specialists.

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