Camp Cambridge®

Summer, Spring and Winter Camps

Camp Cambridge offers children ages 18 months of age through 2nd grade the opportunity to learn developmental skills in a safe and secure campus. The seasoned and credentialed staff engage all children through a series of specialized fun, learning centers, sports, swim, on campus children’s cultural events and specialized camps as well. The weekly themes of summer 2020 allow your child to enjoy; Amazing Race, Under the Sea, Going Green, Legos, Legos and Legos, Fairy Tales, Olympics and Gooey, Wet and More. The themes will integrate fun and friendship with art, construction, dramatic play, music & movement and science.

Safety First is what Camp Cambridge is all about. The year-round mature, seasoned teachers continue their employment in the summer as they provide a fun-loving, safe summer program. The Cambridge children will be placed with their friends and teachers that they know and have created friendships with year-round.

Camp Cambridge has an onsite licensed swimming pool for children who pass the water-safety test. A Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor and lifeguards are available at the pool daily for instruction; for two-year-old’s and up during the camp day. In addition, three-year-old’s and up children have recreational swim time several times during the week.

Camp Cambridge offers a stimulating social atmosphere for children of toddlers and twos and threes, with activities that encourage the type of play and learning recommended for preschoolers. This summer experience provides a positive, comprehensive program featuring multiple themed activities, sensory play and outdoor water sprinkler fun.

The older children, Pre-K and up move from room to room for Art, Creative Movement, Physical Education and STEM activities. In addition, Camp Cambridge (different campuses have different camps) offer specialty camps; Art camp, Drama camp, Kindergarten Readiness Camp and Soccer camp for ages 3 and up.

Camp Cambridge® Winter and Spring Camps

Cambridge Schools™ offer Winter and Spring Camps when school breaks are occurring.

The Winter and Spring Camps are designed for fun, friendship and hands-on, brains-on discovery activities through crafts, cooking and science fun.

These programs are for Cambridge preschool children, toddlers through Pre-K. We also offer Camp Cambridge days for elementary age students through 2nd grade. (Summer Camp too!)

Each day is jam-packed with crafts, science, process art and music fun. Join us for each day or choose your individual schedule.