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Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

To provide an enriching, educational experience for preschool children.

Cambridge Schools™ offer a customized, well-balanced, integrated curriculum designed to enhance the cognitive development of children, within the framework of a nurturing environment.

The Cambridge Schools curriculum builds upon the natural ways in which children learn. Daily activities convey a feeling of celebration as teachers encourage each child to make new connections, and achieve the highest level of skill and comprehension.

philosophy1Cambridge Schools view learning as a dynamic process that must allow children to experience success upon success. We know that a child who has the confidence to learn will want to learn more.

There has never been a more challenging time for parents or their children. Our society is changing in ways that are unprecedented. Children are subject to influences that did not exist in previous generations.

philosophy3Schools need to play a larger role than ever in preparing our children to thrive amid the challenges and competition of modern life. Parents must be selective about which preschools their children attend.

  • Are the school’s expectations of its students (academic, social, personal) based on the highest standards?
  • Is the curriculum challenging?
  • philosophy2Do its teaching methods motivate children to learn?
  • Are the school’s educators knowledgeable about the needs of children?
  • Are the teachers committed to each child’s well-being?

How to Choose a Preschool