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By far my favorite Cambridge experience is dropping off my son, Logan every day. As an attorney I work very long hours and don’t always get to see Logan before he goes to bed at night. As a result I cherish the time we spend together each morning getting ready for school all the way through the drop off process. Each day on the way to school Logan and I discuss what he learned the day before and who he will play with during the day ahead. After parking the car, Logan and I usually race up the sidewalk to the front door and he always wins (of course). I love the feeling of walking through the front door every day because of the look of excitement on Logan ‘s face; he truly loves Cambridge and enjoys the learning process you have established. My favorite part of each morning is watching as Logan runs ahead of me down the hallway to Classroom 4 and runs up to his teaches to give them a hug. He then spends time saying hello to his friends while his teachers always take some time to share a story or two about Logan and how he is progressing in school. As I get ready to leave each morning Logan runs back over to me and gives me a huge hug and says goodbye. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to start my day. Thank you to you and the entire Cambridge staff for creating an environment where Logan feels so comfortable learning and playing. My wife and I are very thankful we discovered Cambridge and look forward to sending our little girl to Cambridge when she is old enough.

Scott G.

Each morning that I bring my little girls to their teacher’s open arms, I smile as I leave for work knowing they are being nurtured and loved. Our daily experience with the teachers and in the before care program is very special. The teacher is consistent, genuine, a communicator and a wonderful role model. The teacher’s greatest attributes are something that cannot be taught…truly knowing my children’s personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. The teacher consistently greets us in a very special way and my children adore her. I always enjoy listening to her comment about my girls because she knows them so well. On the way to school, they talk about school and what little game we should do to make her laugh as we walk through the doors. Being a principal, I recognize that we have staff educating our children as a job and other staff who are 100% teacher and caretaker through and through. The teacher is a very special woman and will always be remembered as their amazing 2′s teacher…laying the foundation. In today’s world, there aren’t enough people who can love your children. I know that she and Cambridge will always hold a special place in our hearts. I couldn’t have asked for a better two’s teacher. How special is it when your children simulate their teacher and want to be her! Our three’s teacher is absolutely one of a kind. Her knowledge, expertise, dedication, communication, passion, and enthusiasm for teaching, learning and nurturing is very unique…and well-recognized within the community. As we approach the 100th day, I can already say that I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my girls this year. I have no regrets working pretty long hours knowing that my girls are under her direction and care. They are learning rapidly, while having fun and certainly immersed in Cambridge’s hands-on brains-on approach. They are sponges and repeat everything. They talk about her hair, everything that she says, her perfume, what she wears, her expressions and the special way that she touches their hearts. The entire way home is all about the theme, letter of the week and something special that happened in school……always about their teachers. Each day when I arrive, the girls make me sit on the carpet for circle time and they simulate the teacher’s routines. In fact (even though Brianna is only three year’s old), I wouldn’t be shocked if she became a teacher one day! Our teacher is a special role-model, she means a lot to my family and we admire what she does for the children’s development and confidence. I can go on and on about the teachers at Cambridge. I just want to say thank you for giving my children the best. I look forward to another great year……but no rush! It’s so wonderful to see them grow at Cambridge.

Michael B. - Principal Broward Elementary School

One day, when my mother-in-law was not feeling well and we decided to go get her some soup. The only place we could find open was a Spanish restaurant. My daughter Brianne then proceeded to tell me that I did not know how to speak Spanish, so she would talk for me. I found this very funny! I know she is taking the Spanish Bi-lingual class, and that she knows a few words, but Soup? We proceeded to enter the restaurant and the conversation went as follows: Brianne, “Buenas Dias.” Owner, “Buenas Dias, Como Esta?” Brianne, “Muy Bien Gracias!”…at this point I am beaming, after all my 4 year old is having a conversation in Spanish! Brianne, “Yo quiero sopa?”…my mouth drops. The owner and two waiters gathered around. They were in awe of her grasp of the language and her ability to hold a conversation. He asked her age, which she quickly answered in Spanish. I told them that she learned Spanish from her school, Cambridge. Thank you for making my daughter “bi-lingual” and for making me an even prouder parent than I already was!

Novia B.

Let’s begin with my daughter riding in the car to school. She says out of the blue, ” the word nocturnal means an animal stays awake at night and sleeps in the daytime. That animal is an OWL “. I was blown away by that! Then just the other day in the hall she helped Ms. Shelia take down the bulletin board and the word chlorophyll was written on a sentence strip. I asked her what does that mean and she said, “when leaves change colors in the fall”. I am so HAPPY that Brooke has learned so much being a Cambridge student. Our family loves to hear about her day and week. We are so grateful for the tools that her wonderful teachers have given her to enjoy learning. There’s so much to say but a big THANK YOU to Ms. Ann for saying very softly to me that she didn’t want Brooke to miss the Cambridge experience when I was thinking of changing schools because of distance. I’m so blessed because I see daily that my daughter loves her school.

Gayle G.

When I made the decision to put my oldest son in school, Cambridge was the first and only school I visited. It originally appealed to me simply because it is close to my home and has a great playground, but as soon as I took a tour of the school I was so impressed that I enrolled my son immediately. I was amazed that the school was so clean and the children were all engaged in different activities and seemed interested and happy. The atmosphere was open and inviting which was reassuring to me. The classrooms were organized and the hallways were decorated with beautiful things the children created. My son completed two wonderful years at Cambridge and was confident and ready for kindergarten because of the social and academic skills his teachers provided him. There was a period of one year when I didn’t have a child at Cambridge, but when it was time to put my youngest in school. I didn’t even consider any other schools. He is now in their Pre-K program and we are loving every minute of it. Cambridge provides an age appropriate curriculum with a letter of the week. Activities are planned around the letter including a poem of the week and cooking a recipe every Friday. There are also daily special classes that he enjoys, such as Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Library & Computers. He has the same teachers that my older son had so we feel like we are a family. I know their guidance and encouragement has made a difference in both of my son’s lives. I am thankful that Cambridge has provided my children with a great foundation for a lifetime of learning and I will always cherish the memories from our time here.

Jo G.

Risking sounding like a Rolaids’s commercial from the 70’s, RELIEF is what I felt when I found Cambridge School in Wellington. We had just moved from the NY/NJ area and I had been interviewing local preschools for my 2 and 3 year olds. I had visited several in the area, and had yet to get that warm, fuzzy feeling I was looking for. And then; Cambridge. Whew! Sigh of relief! An adorable school that was exceptionally clean, with awesome amenities in pint size proportions. And most importantly, an articulate, educated staff with low turnover. Now that my children are in their 2nd year at Cambridge, I have found they really get to know your child and their personalities. My daughter gets nervous at drop off and there was a discussion about the best VPK Teacher for her and now that she is in that class, I really see how her teacher, Ms. Denise, completely extinguishes any “freaking out” before it starts. She swoops in right away and hugs her and engages her because that is what works best for her. And the staff knew that. So instead of clinging to my leg, crying, my daughter is smiling and barely aware that I’m kissing her good-bye for the day. I would absolutely recommend Cambridge School. My children have learned so much and are eager and excited to go to school each morning.


I remember when my children and I moved to Wellington in 2006 after my divorce. I was worried about the beginning of our new lives here and nervous about all the decisions that had to be made. One major task was finding a preschool for my youngest son. I didn’t know anything about the preschools in the area, but did some quick, yet intensive research. After touring the exceptionally clean facility, seeing the children completely engaged, and observing a very dedicated and enthusiastic staff, I confidently choose the Cambridge School. My son’s experience at Cambridge has been nothing less than phenomenal! Whether during school or summer camp, he has always been placed in classrooms with such caring, thoughtful and patient teachers. We could always count on being greeted with a friendly “hello” or “good morning” and a genuine smile from every staff member that we walked by! My son felt relaxed and at home at Cambridge right from the start and so did I. Most important of course is the outstanding education he received at Cambridge. The all-encompassing Cambridge curriculum is captivating, fun, and enticing. As an educator myself, I realize how essential a well-designed curriculum is to any program, but carefully following that set curriculum is vital to the success of the students. Cambridge teachers do just that and the results speak for themselves. My two older children attended a high-quality, well respected preschool in Boca Raton and I can say, without any hesitation, this child is significantly more ready for Kindergarten than they were. When I look back on the past three years in Wellington, I know that choosing Cambridge was one of the best decisions I made. As this school year winds down I realize that our time at Cambridge is coming to an end. As I look for to my son joining his other siblings in elementary school in the fall, I can’t help but look back and take this moment to say – Thank you for everything!

Susan G.

Our child has been attending Cambridge for over three years and we have never been dissatisfied. The teachers and administration provide a loving and nurturing environment where children flourish. A friend of mine recommended Cambridge and I have and will continue to recommend this exceptional preschool to my family and friends.


Cambridge is the best fit for any child! My family and I have been very pleased with Cambridge from the day we toured the campus. My son is thriving at the Cambridge School. Not only are the teachers WONDERFUL, the staff is amazing and very helpful! Everyone is as happy in the morning when I drop my son off as they are in the afternoon when I pick him up. I am very pleased that we chose Cambridge for my son’s education.

Melissa P.

Our son Jacob has been attending Cambridge since he was 2 1/2 years old. We looked at a lot of different schools and felt very comfortable with the environment, staff, and curriculum that Cambridge had to offer. It is a decision we have never regretted. Our son has serious food allergies and all of the Cambridge staff are very aware of his condition and are diligent at making sure they do everything in their power to prevent any incident. Since day one Jacob always comes home from school happy, and excited about his day. The structure and the outstanding staff are very nurturing and have taught Jacob the skills and given him the confidence to excel. Cambridge has an environment that encourages safety, respect of others, self-confidence, and the desire to want to learn. But most of all Cambridge has made our son’s education fun, which keeps him wanting to go back every day. You can’t ask for anything more out of your child’s preschool years than that! The wonderful teachers, the excellent support staff and administration always greet us, and make us feel so welcome. We give Cambridge the highest recommendation to all our friends who have children that are ready to begin their preschool years. Thanks so much for all you have taught Jacob.

Michael & Maryann