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I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy my husband and I are with our decision to have our two sons enrolled at Cambridge. Because of the Cambridge learning environment, our sons have a love to learn at such young ages. The attitude of all the staff and teachers is so positive. This positive environment has instilled in our sons a positive attitude as well. We hope this positive educational experience will carry for a long time to come. The teachers that have helped our sons grow take their jobs seriously, their professionalism is exceptional! They truly care for our sons and their development. They have given our sons individual attention and created a perfect curriculum to build their self-esteem and help them learn. Cambridge School is such a quality establishment. Please give my name to anyone who needs a testimonial of what a unique school Cambridge is!

Shawn D.

I would like to let you know of our experience at Cambridge this year. My daughter Madison is just about to complete her Pre-K year. There is simply not enough time or words to express to you how extraordinary and special her teacher is. There is not a day that went by that I did not see her incredible care, concern, and love for each and every student in her classroom. From redirecting a child to make a better choice, refocusing one child to a new activity, or provide her endless supply of hugs. To say that Ms. Denise is an invaluable asset to Cambridge and to education is an understatement. The foundation on the children’s lives that she is touching is immeasurable. We are so amazingly blessed and privileged to have Cambridge in our lives. There is no doubt in my mind that Madison will soar thanks to the Cambridge foundation. Thank you so very much for our unforgettable experience.

Dana R.

My husband and I wanted to take the time and prepare this letter specifically to thank you for your dedication to our son and all the children in classroom 13. Last year we had a very difficult time with our son’s behavior, as you know he is a boy of very strong will and character. We have been extremely pleased with his progress and maturity this year. We know that you have been a huge influence in this area for him. It is evident by Dylan’s comments at home that he has a great deal of respect and honor for you. This is confirmation for us that he is being well nurtured and guided with both his academic learning and his social maturity and behavior in the classroom. Your gentle firmness coupled with positive reinforcement has blessed him with a spirit of self-confidence. Your dedication as a teacher has truly paid off and we see the great progress he’s made in all area this year. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work and commitment the healthy development that our child has attained. We’ve had a wonderful experience our three years at Cambridge. We recognize that this is the most important years for him as he prepares to enter kindergarten and he couldn’t have had a better teacher! We realize that on many levels teaching children this age can be very challenging, draining, and sometimes maybe a thankless job. However, please know that you have prepared one more boy to enter into a new world very prepared and well balanced. We pray that you continue to be blessed and rewarded for what you do so well! Thanks again and God Bless!

Robert & Cristina

I am writing this letter to provide you feedback on my daughter; Isabella’s experience this year in your Bilingual Program. As you already know, I am extremely invested in her education. That includes her emotional, social, psychological and intellectual growth. This year she has flourished which I attribute mostly to the professional and loving education she receives in her class from her teacher. The projects she brings home and the teacher reports are continuously impressive. She has developed into a well rounded 5 year old. Without question I know she has been prepared for her next journey into kindergarten. My daughter has the perfect balance of structure, and love as evidence by the progress and achievements Bella has made throughout the year. I am so proud of Bella, and confident that she has benefited on many levels from being in the Bilingual program. Thank you for having such amazing staff that has left an imprint on my daughter, and I.


My five-year-old daughter has been enjoying Cambridge since she was three years old. She wanted to go to school like her older sister, so I knew she was ready. My daughter loves the weekly special classes, such as going to the Computer Lab, Spanish Class, Music Class and Physical Education. This year my daughter is fortunate to be in the Pre-K Spanish immersion program that Cambridge offers. She is learning Spanish, along with the regular Pre-K curriculum, and I feel that is a true privilege. I tell everyone I know to send their children to this wonderful learning environment!

Mindy B.

From the moment I stepped inside Cambridge Schools, I knew I had found the place for my children to grow and learn. My first impression was that Cambridge looked so clean and there was a feeling of peace, organization and fun that surrounded every hallway and class in the school. I signed up my son on the spot. I knew I made the right choice! He graduated from Cambridge this past year. My daughter is now part of the Cambridge family, and like my son, she is growing and learning each day. They both love school because they both have had a positive learning experience at Cambridge. My son reads and writes, thanks to Cambridge, and my daughter is beginning to write too! Thank you Cambridge and all their staff for molding our precious ones futures!

A Happy Cambridge Parent

For the past eight years we have been part of your Cambridge family. We thank you for all the love, support, and guidance you have given to our three children and us parents! The stimulating Cambridge curriculum has ignited our children’s imaginations and helped foster a genuine love for learning. Their ability to communicate in society and their abundance of self-confidence is bar none. We will always hold the Cambridge spirit dear to our hearts. We have no doubt that our children will thrive throughout their school years… thanks to Cambridge.

Miya & Stan

Our daughter started at Cambridge last year as a two-year old and is continuing this year in the three-year old, Bilingual Program. She has benefited greatly from the enormous opportunities the school has provided her which include learning centers, physical activities, computer time, classical literature and edible science experiments. The friendly staff and decorated hallways make for a lively and inviting atmosphere for the students as well as the adults. Each week she discovers new arenas of knowledge in a way that actively engages her entire being. There are weekly themes that allow her to explore things and concepts in a safe and nurturing environment. Though she is assigned to a room with a lead teacher and an assistant teacher, the entire Cambridge staff, from directors to classroom teachers, works as a true team on a regular basis to ensure that the students are comfortable in their surroundings and familiar with the school routines. To see our daughter in action, by watching her on the T.V. screen in the entryway gives us a direct view into what goes on in her school world. And then, we hear directly from her about all the friends she has made, how much she loves the adults, how much fun she has had and the best, that she wants to go back for more!

Mark & Mara