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My Pyramid for Preschoolers

Healthy Habits = Healthy Children!

When it comes to feeding your children, it can seem like there are so many rules to follow. Children need nutrients to grow strong and healthy and at the same time as a parent you need to limit treats and serving sizes so, they do not develop weight and health problems.

The Food Guide Pyramid is designed to help children and parents understand the guidelines. Inside the pyramid, six stripes represent the food groups~ as well as fat and oils, that children should consume each day.The stairs on the pyramid represent the importance of exercise and the simple steps you can take to improve your child’s health.


Try to serve your children well-balanced snacks and meals. Exercise with your children as part of their daily routine.

On the pyramid, each color represents a different food group:
Orange = grains
Green = vegetables
Red = fruits
Yellow = fats and oils
Blue = dairy & calcium-rich foods
Purple = proteins (meat, beans, fish)