We All Sing with the Same Voice
by J. Philip Miller & Sheppard M. Greene

book_201103No matter where they live, what they look like, who is in their families, or what they do, all children, at heart, are the same. This Sesame Street song by J. Philip Miller and Sheppard M. Greene comes to life with Paul Meisel’s happy illustrations. Righteous in its message, affirming that everyone’s the same inside despite looking different on the outside, this print version will help to substantiate the popular song.

Children from Texas, Peru, and southern France; with black hair, red hair, or yellow hair; named Jack or Amanda Sue or Kareem Abdu; rejoice in the fact that they all “sing with the same voice.” This is an expression of inclusion, where children of all races and places, abilities and facilities, and families of all kinds belong together in the circle of life. Common activities are shared, such as loving a pet or person, playing, reading, watching TV, sleeping with your teddy at night, singing by the firelight, or the full spectrum of emotions felt by every person around the globe. Readers will be enlightened and should rejoice in the important message that may be perplexing to many but seems clear to most children—everyone loves to be loved! (The book is accompanied by a CD!) – Emilie Coulter and Kirkus Reviews