I Wish That I Had Duck Feet
by Dr. Seuss

book_201001As is the case with all books from Dr. Seuss, there is an emphasis on the imagination. The young boy who wishes he had duck feet also wishes that he could have deer horns, a long tail, and several other physical features that would make him unique and special.

But the most important thing that “I Wish That I Had Duck Feet” teaches beginning readers is the value of looking at both sides of an issue. While the young boy is able to come up with lots of reasons why having duck feet would be a good thing, his mother has at least one very good reason why he would not want them. From that point on in the story the young boy comes up with both the pros and cons for each of the things for which he wishes. Not only does this make the point that kids should think things through first, but it also serves as a reminder that not everything kids wish for is worth having.