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Curriculum Details

2 year olds classroom

18 months to 2 year old program


A “hands-on, brains-on” approach is critical to the development of young children. Toddlers at Cambridge Schools™ learn by being actively involved as they select materials and activities that interest them. The nurturing, sensitive and responsive staff guides and encourages this learning by ensuring that each child’s environment is safe and emotionally supportive. Our Toddler Curriculum provides a broad array of stimulating experiences with an emphasis on consistency and routine.

Toddlers reach developmental milestones when they are confident and ready. These steps are taken throughout the year with support at Cambridge Schools and communication with family.

Daily Program Includes: Art, Blocks, Classical Children’s Literature, Dramatic Play, Easel, Language, Math, Sensory Table and Writing. In addition, toddlers experience Music & Movement, Spanish, Computer Lab, and Physical Education with specialists. 3 and 4 year olds classroom 3's and 4's graphic






Within this important year, the three and four year olds build on concepts through experimentation, discovery, exploration, problem solving and direct experi-ences. The children learn through a thematic approach, letter of the week and hands-on, brains-on activities. The planned curriculum and staff aspire to have each child meet success as they develop self-confidence, cognitive skills and self-control.

3 and 4 year old preschool programTheir room is organized into learning centers which provide interactive & educational experiences through Blocks, Calendar, Classical Children’s Literature, Dramatic Play, Easel, Art, Inventive Spelling, Journal Writing, Math, Science Experiments, and Writing. The children work with specialists in the areas of Computer Education, Library, Music & Movement, Physical Education and Spanish.

pre-k program journal writing

pre-k program


Cambridge Schools Pre-K children continue to build social, physical and cognitive skills. The Pre-K programs in Author Studies, Artist Studies, Character Education, Inventive Spelling, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science Experiments, Social Studies, and Writing help the child to develop the desire to learn, think, experiment and express creative ideas. Employing small group learning centers and teacher directed strategies, the curriculum is designed to emphasize each child’s unique abilities.

The Land Of The Letter People® Kindergarten Literacy Program uses a balanced approach as the children focus on alphabet recognition, storytelling, high frequency words, journal writing, poetry and word building. The interactive language development establishes a foundation for success that nurtures a love of reading and writing. In addition, Pre-Kindergarten children at Cambridge Schools explore other spaces in the school as they work with specialists in the areas of Computer Education, Library Skills, Music, Physical Education and Spanish.