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Spanish Bilingual Preschool Program

spanish bilingual program word examplesLearning a second language at a young age provides children with a firm foundation for greater educational success.

Our full-day Spanish Bilingual Program is available for children in 3’s & 4’s and Pre K classes. Research has shown that it is never too early to begin exposing children to a second language. We have developed this unique preschool program with a coordinated approach to the English curriculum and to everyday, meaningful conversation.

The preschool age is the perfect window of opportunity for your child to follow the natural sequence of learning a second language, understanding, speaking, reading and writing of basic words. Development of the English language is taught in the same progression.

spanish bilingual program word and letter examplesBenefits for Children:

  • Boosts brain development
  • Enriches mental and verbal development
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Increases listening skills
  • Develops a life-long love of communicating with others
  • Enhances English language abilities
  • Encourages openness and acceptance of other cultures
  • Provides a solid foundation for future Bilingual Learning

THREE’S & FOUR’S CLASS: Provide students with an opportunity to learn basic skills of listening, speaking, learning rhymes, learning finger plays and communicating in both Spanish and English. Teachers translate instructions, books and rhymes in Spanish when speaking to the children. The children work within the Cambridge Schools™ Core Curriculum.

PRE-K CLASS: The goal of this class is to start or continue the children on their journey of learning a second language at a young age by offering a high quality, developmentally appropriate bilingual environment. The children are provided with a platform of basic listening, speaking, reading, cognitive development, phonics and writing skills in BOTH languages that they will be able to expand upon during their academic life. The children work within the Cambridge Schools Core Curriculum.